Suzanne Tank | York University

Welcome to the Tank lab at York University. Our research is broadly focused on understanding the current and future functioning of northern aquatic ecosystems. Our work has a particular focus on connections between ecology, biogeochemistry, and processes occurring across the land-freshwater-ocean continuum. We think about climate change, permafrost, carbon cycling, and nutrient dynamics, and how these processes act and interact in the north.

Our research is field focused, with much of our current fieldwork occurring in the western Canadian Arctic. Students in the Tank lab master a variety of skills, including an array of laboratory, statistical, and experimental techniques. Our work is inherently multi-disciplinary, and we collaborate with other scientists from across Canada and internationally.

Contact information:

Suzanne Tank | N411 Ross Building | Department of Geography | York University

4700 Keele St. | Toronto, ON, Canada | M3J 1P3

P: 416-736-2100 ext. 22763